Colorful White Mudroom

Once a plain rather unfriendly place to change, this new dressing room brings bright colorful paints which just make you smile. The wall to wall bench has ample space it sit with room for tote bags. Decorative hooks hold towels, or clothing and spare towels rest on a decorative shelf. Marine Blue side walls contrast so well with the blue and white cabana stripes which run up the wall and across the ceiling and give the room some visual height and width. Bright and playful fabric is used on the Awning window valance.

Cabana Dressing Room

2016 Designer Showhouse

  • 05thymesaddleriver2016bathconsole_412
  • 01thymesaddleriver2016bathtubwin_283
  • 03thymesaddleriver2016bathfull_361
  • 04thymesaddleriver2016bathvanity_385
  • 06thymesaddleriver2016bathtoiletrm_429

Shades of Grey Master Bath

  • 02ThymeMontvilleMBathVanityFull_0037
  • 05ThymeMontvilleMBathShower_0162
  • 04ThymeMontvilleMBathVanityV_0111
  • 03ThymeMontvilleMBathVanityDetail_0079
  • 01ThymeMontvilleMBathDoors_0029

The Donatella Master Bath

  • 06ThymeHohokusHomeMBathVanity_0201
  • 05ThymeHohokusHomeMBathFull_0157

Photo: Peter Rymwid

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